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We supply the complete set of Engineering and Design solutions for Offshore Oil & Gas and FPSO industry.
1) FPSO Topside
Basic Design
The Basic Design of Topside is one of our Key Businesses and specialties. We have more than 20 years of proven experience in FPSO solutions (Design, Construction and Operation).
Our design encompasses gPerformanceh, gSafetyh, gConstructabilityh,gScheduleh and gCosth in good balance.
Detail Design
We drive detail design with most of our supporting team from design sub-contractor.
We are responsible for the supervision of the design team to meet high quality design deliverables

2) FPSO Marine
Utility & System Design
Utility and System Design There are two engineering cultures in FPSO projects, i.e gTopsideh and gMarineh, which can result in substantial design disharmony and problems.
Utility and System Design We tailor the Marine engineering to ensure it is well-adjusted to Topside system design. This in turn;
  avoids design duplication between Topside and Marine
  optimizes utility systems of an FPSO

3)Commissioning & Test Procedure
We develop the commissioning procedures based on practical experience.
  On-Shore Commissioning Procedures
  Off-Shore Commissioning & Test Procedures